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Hi friends, just a quick post to let you know we’ve moved our blog over here permanently!  http://blog.trohvshop.com/
We’ve got new profile set ups, instagram and pinterest feeds, and all the latest news on what we’re up to around the shop!


Blind Pig Party

On Saturday night, we hosted the Blind Pig Mason Shaker event in the DC shop! In case you didn’t know (I sure didn’t before this event), Blind Pig is another name for a Speakeasy which came to be during Prohibition in the 1920s. It is believed this term was coined by saloon-owner Kate Hester when her customers got too rowdy. She’d yell “Speak Easy, Boys!” to avoid unwanted attention.

We had a great time with over 200 guests but the sage, rhubarb, and snap spirits provided by Art in the Age certainly didn’t hurt. Josh and Eric from W&P Design in Brooklyn mixed all kinds of delicious libations, which were refilled often as we all ate short rib sliders, fried oysters, and spicy-sweet corn bread provided by The Brooklyn Star. All of us here at Trohv have a soft spot in our hearts for innovative small business endeavors and love that we could help support the guys from W&P as they introduce theirMason Shaker, the smartest cocktail shaker we’ve ever seen!

Many thanks to the charming band Welcome to Hoonah for being kind enough to come up from Roanoke for the event. They rocked it out with original songs and adorable covers like Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang.

Thanks again to everyone who came out- the event was a huge success! I am sadly leaving the store to move to NY in January but couldn’t be more appreciative of the beautiful people and experiences I’ve encountered while working at Trohv! You guys rule!

posted by Paige Vickers

photos by Paige Vickers and Onika Coke-Munoz

check us out on POPPYTALK!

We’re thrilled that Jan of Poppytalk fame asked us to be part of her Art of The Holiday Display series.  We’re featured today, so head on over to see the full post.

The Collaboration Collection

I’m not sure it gets any better than this! If you are looking for the perfect hostess gift or little something for your boss, or your secretary, or your best friend (hint hint, this is great for everyone) I suggest looking no further than this little gem of a collaboration. Whimsical design by Mr. Boddington’s Studio and delicious confections by Droga. Two of the best in their fields have come together to make something both beautiful and tasty! Click on over to our shop for descriptions, and to buy some today!  And stay tuned as I add more products (especially holiday related) to the shop later this week.  I’ll be posting an update on the blog on Friday to alert you to all the new items in stock! Merry Merry!




and we’re back … sort of

Hello friends, can I just pop by and say a little sorry that we’ve been swamped around here and have not had a chance to post much on the blog lately.  We’ve been in the middle of window and store setting in both our Baltimore and DC locations in prep for the holidays these last few weeks. (Photo above is some proof of that. This is an image of our winter windows in progress)

But the good news is that means there is tons of new product in the stores! I’ll be updating the online shop with products as well in the next couple weeks for those of you that might be reading our blog from afar.   In the mean time, before all the goodies start hitting our virtual shelves, I stocked two favorites that you might just want to get your hands on.  Current issues of both Anthology Magazine, and Kinfolk, two of our very best sellers in stores and online.

Hope you got out and voted today!

Beers & Spears DC!

This past Sunday we hosted our second and final (for now!) Beers and Spears event at our shop in DC.  The turnout surprised even us: because the DC store is so spacious and airy, it takes a few dozen people before the  shop feels full, but we definitely buzzed right past that point.  About 350 people stopped by for this event and based on the conversations and smiles we saw it’s safe to say everyone was having a ball!

3 Stars Brewing Company and Gordy’s Pickle Jar definitely brought the goods!  A portion of the entire day’s sales was donated to the Takoma Foundation, rounding out the truly local nature of this event.

Keep your eyes on our FacebookPinterestTwitter and, of course, this blog to find out about future events we plan to bring to you, such as this Saturday’s book signing with the ladies behind Brown Betty Dessert Boutique!

Brown Betty Book Signing this Saturday!

Just a reminder that we will be hosting the ladies of Brown Betty this Saturday in our DC shop from 12-3, so be sure to stop on by!

They’ll have books to sign and cupcakes to buy!  You can purchase single or boxed cupcakes at the signing, or you can call to pre-order either of the boxed collections for $12.00   202.829.2941

Vintage Box : chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and carrot cupcakes
Modern Box : red velvet, almond caramel, sweet potato, and coconut cupcakes

We’ll also be hosting a Brown Betty Book Signing here at our Baltimore store from 6-9pm on Friday November 2nd.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Steel City

Apparently, there’s quite a rivalry between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. And it’s intense! The history between the Ravens and the Steelers seems to be rooted in and sustained by genuine dislike and distrust of the other. Being a Baltimore-transplant and a complete fool when it comes to football politics, I’ve been blissfully unaffected by this rivalry and accompanying aversion of each city. And, for the most part, I’m glad I’ve been so oblivious. I recently spent a couple of days in Pittsburgh and I wouldn’t have wanted any preconceived judgments to get in the way of my experience. It was my first visit to the Steel City, but it won’t be my last. I loved it! 

I spent most of my time eating, wandering, and admiring just a few of the over 400 bridges in this beautiful city. I only had a couple of days to spend in the city, so here is a quick list of my recommended highlights:

Union Pig & Chicken This barbecue and fried chicken joint is located in the East Liberty neighborhood. We went here for a late lunch and feasted on pork shoulder, fried chicken, and brisket. It was absolutely delicious! One of the menu shiners is the Meaty Mac: baked mac n’ cheese with bits of brisket and pork shoulder, ohmylord!

Salt of the Earth This farm-to-table style restaurant is the smart, delicious, and thoughtful child of chef Kevin Sousa and architects Doug and Liza Cruze. The menu, which is artistically drawn on a giant chalkboard wall, changes weekly to reflect the local and seasonal fare. I’d recommend sitting downstairs, if possible. The tables are communal and rustic, making the atmosphere relaxed and cozy.

Pageboy Salon & Boutique  This is a great place to go for vintage clothing. It’s located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, which is adorable. There are lots of shops, bars, and restaurants in this quirky borough.

Wigle  Fortunately, we just happened across this whiskey distillery while we were wandering around The Strip. Pronounced “wiggle”, this distillery uses organic ingredients from local farmers. And the owners are soooooo nice. They were closed the day we were there, yet they invited us in, shared their history, and gave us samplings.

House of 1000 Beers  This beer emporium is located outside of Pitt in New Kensington. If you’re a beer enthusiast or appreciate craft beer, the 30-minute drive is TOTALLY WORTH IT. With over 46 draft beers on tap and 1000 beers in stock, this is a perfect, off-the-beaten-path spot to spend a lazy afternoon.

Posted by: Carmen
Carmen is an owner of Trohv. She is from a cattle and tobacco farm in Kentucky but has lived in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore for 10 years. She loves to discover new music and new places and sip good bourbon.

Edible Bones

It’s no secret around my household who the queen of Halloween is. I must admit that I drag out more boxes of Halloween décor than I do for any other holiday. I am drawn to all things vintage, glittery, Tim Burton inspired, with just a touch of eerie. So for the last few years we have made it a tradition in our house to celebrate with fun garlands, Halloween figurines, and spooktacular treats throughout the entire month of October and even a little bit of September (shhhh, I’m over zealous). One way the Hubs knows Halloween is coming is by his inevitable back aches from hauling all of my decorations into the house, as well as, when these little babies are made, my edible Bones. They are super simple and dangerously delish. This is the first year I am making them for my son and I wanted to share a DIY that you could do with all of your little goblins and ghouls. Happy treat making!

You will need:
Pretzel sticks
Small marshmallows
White chocolate for melting (I use a double broiler)
Wax paper and cookie sheet to put them on after they have been dipped in the chocolate.

Step 1:

Smash two marshmallows together and poke them onto each end of the pretzel. This makes the shape of a bone.

Step 2:

Melt your white chocolate either on a low temp in the microwave or over a double broiler.

Step 3: Dip them into white chocolate or spoon melted white chocolate over them.

Step4: Place them on a cookie sheet (I line mine with wax paper) and then place in the fridge or freezer just until they harden.

Step 5: serve on a bed or Oreo cookie crumbs “dirt” and enjoy.

Posted by: Courtney
Courtney is currently living outside of San Francisco with her hubby and her son, Oliver Tate. This full time mom also dabbles in home décor, diy projects, entertaining, photography and much more on her blog alittleglassbox She has never met a piece of sparkly jewelry, a chocolate chip cookie, or a reclaimed piece of wood she didn’t like

Brown Betty Book Signing & Cupcake Sale

Today I am thrilled to tell you about the Brown Betty Cookbook signing that we are going to be hosting in both stores. If you are not familiar with this fantastic bakery in Philadelphia today is your lucky day!The Brown Betty Dessert Boutique was opened in 2004 by mother and daughter duo Linda and Norrinda. Inspired by their mother/grandmother who has spent a lifetime baking for family and friends, Linda and Norrinda thought it was time to share her sweets with the world. The small shop opened in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia. Since then they have expanded, and opened another smaller shop in Liberty Place. Recently Food & Wine named them among America’s Best New Cupcakes. Apparently the secret is treating each cupcakes as what it is, a miniature cake!

This year the women came together and decided that it was time to share their stories, and love of baking with the home baker. We are so excited for this book, and were over the moon when we were asked to host some of the book signings! From the snippets of the book that I have seen thus far it looks like it will quickly become one of my favorites.

Be sure to mark your calendars as you will not want to miss these events!

Trohv DC – Saturday October 20th from 12 to 3pm
Trohv Baltimore – Friday November 2nd, from 6 to 9 pm

Linda and Norrinda wanted to make sure that DC and Baltimore were able to try some of their famous cupcakes and will be selling assorted boxes at each event. Be sure to secure your box ahead of time, and make sure that you are not left empty handed. Just call the store of the event that you will be attending and pre-order. I think I will have to try both boxes!

Vintage Box : chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and carrot cupcakes
Modern Box : red velvet, almond caramel, sweet potato, and coconut cupcakes

The boxes are $12 each. There will also be individual cupcakes for sale on the day of the event, but really, why not try more than one?

To order for the Trohv DC event on Saturday October 20th call 202-829-2941

To order for the Trohv Baltimore event on Friday November 2nd call 410-366-3456

Hope to see you there!

Image courtesy of Alison Conklin Photography who shot the images in the book!

Posted by Kohli:
Kohli is the Visual & Merchandise Director for Trohv. Currently she calls Baltimore City home where she lives with her husband and dog. In her free time she runs K Flick Studio, and can often be found entertaining for friends and family.