skillet pizza

I mentioned that my husband was a bread maker, but what I didn’t tell you was that he’s also been perfecting his skills at pizza making for the last few years as well. Today I am going to share with you the results of years of testing methods, recipes and pizza stones.  It’s so simple, and so delicious, you’ll wonder why you never made these before, and why you ever bought that expensive, heavy pizza stone.

All you really need is a skillet (and thankfully, we sell some beautiful cast iron ones here at Trohv) some pizza dough (we make ours from scratch, but Whole Foods and most bigger grocery stores carry pre-made balls of dough) and then fresh toppings of your choice! I’m not going to go through the detailed process here, you can find lots of tips and tricks here but I will highlight some of the things that I think make his pizza stand out. My favorite thing is that he throws a little salt in the skillet before he puts the dough down.  He also rolls his dough out as thin as possible for a crispy crust.  Set that in the skillet, then layer the sauce and your toppings. We usually try to do a variety of pizzas.

Cook your pizzas in the skillet until the dough starts to bubble and the bottom gets that nice crisp crust, and then it is time to move it into the oven (this is my second favorite thing he does – cooks the pizza from both sides like a traditional pizza oven would do).  The bottom of the crust gets cooked over the stovetop in the skillet, and the top gets perfectly cooked on the top rack of the 500 degree oven.  The  results are phenomenal.

Some of our favorite pizzas have turned out to be mushroom, sausage, basil and mozzeralla, & goat cheese, sausage and fig.
I’m really looking forward to the summer months and eating pizzas with all the fresh toppings the Farmers markets have to offer!

If you love pizza and don’t always love to cook, be sure to check out Roscoes in Takoma Park and Hersh’s here in Baltimore.

Posted by Katie: Katie is in charge of design & photography for Trohv. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and two dogs and runs Petal and Print, a boutique floral and stationery design company.


One response to “skillet pizza

  1. iheartguts

    we’ve been making those at home, too! i burned the #$%& out of my hand, forgetting the skillet was red-hot just out of the oven, but i think it was worth it.

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