for the love of paper

Carmen and I just got back from a fun-filled three days in New York City at the National Stationery Show. We both consider this to be one of our favorite shows of the year for multiple reasons. In no particular order, here are some of them…

* We absolutely love paper goods

* The booth designs and attention to detail are exponentially better than at any other show

* We are able to catch up with friends we have made over the years, and make new ones

* And we eat amazing food

We tried to be really good about snapping photos as we walked the show, so we could share some of our favorite things with you. Sometimes we got a bit too excited and forgot. Again, in no particular order, Carmen and Kohli’s National Stationery Show roundup:

Belle & Union Co. were one of our favorite newcomers this year. From booth execution to card design, we could not get over this sweet line from Savannah, Georgia. We had such a nice time getting to know Meg and her mom. Coincidentally, many of the lines that we loved had a parent helping out at the show. Perhaps an endearing sales tactic!

Belle & Union Booth | Trohv

Belle & Union Collection | Trohv

Belle & Union Red Wagon | Trohv

I mean, who does not love a little red wagon?

The Regional Assembly of Text is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has its roots in a gift shop by the same name. Another great first time showing. On a side note, I love co-founders Brandy and Rebecca even more after reading that they love flip-flops and hate putting the duvet back in its cover. Me too ladies, me too!

Marriage Card by The Regional Assembly of Text | Trohv

Important Person by The Regional Assembly of Text | Trohv

This Paper Ship took Carmen’s breath away. She immediately fell in love with Joel and Ashley who started the line in 2009 and was taken by their southern accents and Joel’s lovely mother, who was there from California to help. Carmen could barely tear herself away to continue on with the show. They also have some amazing prints that will knock your socks off. I love this one.

Bow tie Cards by This Paper Ship | Trohv

Happy Anniversary by This Paper Ship | Trohv

The impetus for  Fawnsberg started when sisters Patricia and Rachel would write letters to each other at summer camp. Years later, Patricia’s illustration and calligraphy lead them to their own line. These ladies were so sweet and were accompanied by a very proud father. Oh, and they had awesome swag. Love it!

Fawnsberg Swag | Trohv

Did I mention they also have a beautiful line of stamps?

Fawnsberg Thanks Stamp | Trohv

We first met Rebekah of Wild Ink Press last year. We were immediately drawn to her and the line. This year we almost fell over when we saw what she had done with the walls of her booth. She might have to come out to Baltimore and ombré a wall in my house! With over three dozen new cards, there were so many to choose from. I also love ordering from Rebekah’s mother-in-law each year, we always have a great time and lots of laughs.

Wild Ink Booth | Trohv

I loved the new three things series. With cards for every occasion, one’s sure to tickle your fancy.

Thing I Always Forget by Wild Ink Press | Trohv

Buttercream to Cupcake Card by Wild Ink Press | Trohv

With a name like Wednesday, it has to be good! This was a booth where we got so carried away chatting that we forgot to take photos, whoops. We were lucky enough to snag these swag bags which were one of our favorite things from the show. The cards were sweet and we picked up a choice few for the holidays. Jessica and Garette were such a pleasure to talk with and so passionate about what they are doing.  And, yet again, there were some proud parents to be found in the booth!

Wednesday Swag | Trohv

And inside we found…

Wednesday Swag Opened | Trohv

The Victory Special Press was small, well curated, and right up our alley. We loved the drink card line (no surprise there). Each card has a sentiment on the front, such as Happy New Year’s, and a cocktail pairing on the back. Happy New Year’s is paired with a Champagne Cocktail. All of the cocktails are well-thought-out classic drinks, no cotton candy martinis here.

The Victory Special Press Booth | Trohv

The Victory Special Press Happy Birthday Card | Trohv

Sugar Paper came from Los Angeles for their second showing at NSS. We were not sure how we missed them last year, but sure are happy we found them this year. A great mix of fancy, classic, and a little Kraft paper. It is right up our alley, or more specifically mine. It was hard for me to leave without the whole line.

Sugar Paper Lists | Trohv

Sugar Paper You Are Very Sweet Indeed Card | Trohv

Sugar Paper Thank You Card | Trohv

One of our favorite ladies and lines at the show, Catherine from Printerette stole our hears last year. And she took our breath away again this year. Once more we were so busy fawning over Catherine and the line, this was the only picture that we managed to get! While we did not meet her parents, they were in town. However, we did get to meet Martha, Catherine’s sister, who bicycled from Vermont with their dad.

Pinterette Booth | Trohv

The Linda and Harriett calendar was the hit of the show this year. Carmen and I were also over the moon for it, and both purchased calendars for our own homes. The 2013 calendar is inspired by quilt patterns and oversized at 26″ x 40″. It is hand screen printed and hangs from two oak bars clamped together by brass bolts & wing nuts. Once the month has passed, each piece is frameable as a piece of art. We can’t wait to hang ours!

Linda and Harriett Calendar | Trohv

Linda and Harriet Booth | Trohv

Lisa, the creative genius behind Sapling Press, is a hoot and a half. My mom actually found this line last year and suggested that we might like it in the shops. Way to go Mom! Our customers love all of Sapling’s cards and we are sure that this new “FACT*” line will be no exception.

Sapling Press Fact 412 | Trohv

Sapling Press Fact 86 | Trohv

Sapling Press Fact 11 | Trohv

Carmen and I were super excited to see what Stephen and Shauna had come up with for their new venture, Seed House. A very small, hand printed, labor of love, this line is not to be missed. With limited editions, the line is for true paper lovers. We enjoyed the marriage suggestion cards, a perfect addition to any wedding. There is also something so very special about the pressed foliage that adorns the specimen cards. A present themselves, one must take care and choose their words wisely.

Seed House Wedding Wishes Cards | Trohv

Seed House Cards | Trohv

Suann of simplesong premiered her new line at the show, gasp! Again, Carmen and I got so carried away fawning over the line and Suann we left without any pictures. We will be sure to give you a full update and post when we receive all of her gorgeous goodies into the stores.

There are so many other fantastic lines that we were not able to share. Hopefully we will be able to give little snapshots throughout the year.

xo – Kohli

Kohli is the Visual & Merchandise Director for Trohv. Currently she calls Baltimore City home where she shares a 1928 row home with her husband and dog. In her free time she runs K Flick Studio, and can often be found entertaining for friends and family.


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