sunscreen for kiddos

One of my favorite parts of summer is feeling the sunshine on my skin. However, it backfires when I’m out in it all day long and I quickly start to feel like a nice crisp piece of bacon frying in a pan. As a mom to a little boy who loves playing outside more than anything, I’ve been in need of a good go-to sunscreen.

The problem has been that I don’t want just any sunscreen; I want a nice strapping superhero sunscreen that goes around protecting innocent children from Mr. Harmful Rays and fights crime against the evil Mr. Sun Burn (I know, I’m slightly crazy, but this really happens in my brain, people). Recently I tired Dr. Robyn’s sunscreen when we went hiking along the California-Nevada border. It was so fantastic that I now refer to it as ‘Awesomness In a Tube.’ I was immediately in love with the fact that it was unscented. I mean really, I can only take the smell of coconut for so long before I need to pull the car over and grab myself a fruity mixed drink with a cute little umbrella. And since I had to abstain from the influence of a cocktail, it’s best that it was unscented and not alcohol inducing. I was also shocked that it didn’t leave a greasy film on my hands after applying it. This prevented me from feeling like I was slathering butter on my toddler before sending him into the hot sun. Overall, it was a win-win. No cranky sunburned kiddo, and a nice pat on the back for mom. We are now planning an upcoming trip to the beach in the next few weeks and you can bet your britches that this fabulous lotion will be in tow for our sandy adventure.

You can buy Dr. Robins sunscreen in the kids section at either our Baltimore or DC locations

Posted by: Courtney
Courtney is currently living outside of San Francisco with her hubby and her son, Oliver Tate. This full time mom also dabbles in home décor, diy projects, entertaining, photography and much more on her blog alittleglassbox She has never met a piece of sparkly jewelry, a chocolate chip cookie, or a reclaimed piece of wood she didn’t like


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