What’s in a window?

People often ask us who creates our windows and in store displays. To that we reply “We do!” Everything that you see in the stores and in the windows have been conceptualized, and executed by the amazing group of people that work here. Today, we thought it would be nice to give you a little behind the scenes into our process.

Not surprisingly window development is one of our favorite things around here. From inspiration, to sketches, sourcing materials, and figuring out how it will all come together it is a team effort. One of the things that make Trohv great is the diversity of talents and interest of the staff. This leads to richer displays, and further development of every idea that is eventually implemented in the windows, or on the floor.

We usually start planning the windows two months before they change, and it usually involves coffee, and a yummy breakfast. We each come to the table with ideas, sometimes concrete, and sometimes just a color, product, or object that has inspired us. From there it is magic in the making. We all toss out ideas, and build on top of one another’s, each person adding a new perspective, and another layer to the final design.  And then we sketch…

Posted by: Kohli
Kohli is the Visual & Merchandise Director for Trohv. Currently she calls Baltimore City home where she lives with her husband and dog. In her free time she runs K Flick Studio, and can often be found entertaining for friends and family.


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